4 Ways A Roadside Assistance Program Can Help Your Out Of A Jam

Posted on: 2 April 2018

If you are not already signed up for a roadside assistance program, you should sign up for one as soon as you can. Roadside assistance programs offer numerous benefits, and can really help you out of a wide variety of vehicle-related jams that you may find yourself in.


It can happen to anyone. You are grabbing items out of your vehicle, and you grab that last item, hit the lock button on your door, and shut your car door, only to realize later that your keys are sitting on the seat or hanging out in the middle console.

When you get locked out of your car, and you don't have a spare set of keys around to get you out of your jam, a roadside assistance crew can help you safely get back into your vehicle without causing damage to your vehicle in the process.

Dead Battery

When your battery dies in your vehicle, you are not going to be able to go anywhere. Your roadside assistance program can send someone out to jumpstart your vehicle. It doesn't matter where your vehicle is parked, they will be able to help you with a portable battery that allows them to jump start vehicles without wearing out their own battery on their vehicle.

Replacement Battery

Sometimes a jump start just doesn't do the trick. If your vehicle will not jump start, the battery in your vehicle may be completely dead. Batteries do not last forever, and they eventually lose their ability to recharge.

If that is the case, your roadside assistance team can drive to your local auto store and pick up a replacement battery for you and bring it back to your location. They can even help you install the battery and get your vehicle back on the road again.

Replacement Lights

If your lights go out on your vehicle, and you are in a situation where you can't safely drive your vehicle to get replacement lights, your roadside assistance team can help you out of this jam as well.

They can purchase replacement lights at a local auto parts store, bring them out to you, and even help you install the replacement lights. You can get your lights working again, and get back on the road, with the help of your roadside assistance team.

Roadside assistance is designed to help you get out of a variety of vehicle-related jams that you may get yourself into. Roadside assistance is not just for getting a tow, it is for helping you with small mechanical issues that can pop-up when you are out on the road. Contact a service, like Parkway Wrecker Service, for more help.


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