Where Can You Find Old Cars To Scrap When You're On A Budget?

Posted on: 5 August 2019

If you want to get into scrapping metal, it pays to be creative in the process. Metal scrapping is a great hobby that some people even manage to turn into a career. You don't even have to have a lot of money to start this type of career, you simply have to have an eagerness to learn where to find good quality scrap, access to a scrap metal yard to cash in your metal, and the basic knowledge of how to handle the metal when you receive it.

Starting with vehicles is a great way to go. You may want to scrap vehicles as your primary source of metal income for a while until you learn about other scrap metal options, such as appliances and electronics. Where can you find old cars to scrap when you're on a budget? Here are some ways to go about this endeavor.

Your local classifieds

Two ways you can use classifieds—both online and in print—to boost your junk car adventure is this: you can post that you will remove peoples' junk cars from their properties for free to see if people are willing to give you their old junker cars in exchange for some free labor. Or, you can browse through the newspapers and online classifieds and forums to see if people are posting about getting rid of vehicles they no longer want for free or at a very low price.

Your local auto body shop

An auto body shop may be willing to sell you or give you old scrap metal parts or old junker vehicles that are of no use to the company. You do your part by helping to clear out the storage yard of the auto body shop and they get the benefit of not having to haul all that junk away on their own.

Your local neighborhood

If you look around, there are probably broken cars all over your neighborhood that are just collecting dust and becoming more and more of a community eyesore by the day. Start asking neighbors what they want to do with their junk cars or if they would like you to remove the vehicles for them at no charge, and you just may nab a few junker cars that you can turn a quick profit from at your local scrap metal junkyard.

The price of metal varies depending on the type of metal you bring in and metal supply and demand. A junkyard specialist such as TNT Auto Salvage will weigh any metal you bring in and give you a price for its value.


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