How To Tell If The Windshield In Your Car Can Be Fixed Or Not

Posted on: 28 January 2022

Windshield repair is becoming more common and can save you significantly over replacing the glass. There are some limitations with windshield repair, but if the entire glass is not broken, there is a chance that a repair service may be able to help.

Damage Location

One of the determining factors for windshield repair is the chip's location or damage on the glass. Anytime the damage is around the edge of the glass, there is an effect on the windshield's structural integrity, so the damage can not be safely fixed. 

This is especially true if the crack or break extends off the edge of the windshield where the glass sits in the windshield opening. Because the edge carries so much of the pressure on the glass, if it were to give way under stress, the result could be a complete failure of the windshield.

Anywhere else on the surface of the glass is repairable in most cases, but there are some areas with antennas or windshield defrosters embedded in the glass that can make things more challenging. However, there are some other restrictions that can have a role in windshield repair.

Damage Size

The amount of damage or the area it covers can be a determining factor in windshield repair. One of the easiest ways to determine if the damage to your glass can be fixed or not is to use a simple trick that people have used for a long time. 

Place a US one-dollar bill over the damage on the windshield and see if you can still see the damage. If the bill completely covers the damage, windshield repair is likely, but if the damage or a crack from it is outside the perimeter of the dollar bill, the glass may need replacing.

While there are some exceptions, this method has been used since windshield repair started and is still used by installers and glass shops to tell customers how to determine the damage size. It is a common recommendation and works very well while still getting the job done.

Glass Age

The age of the glass in your vehicle can affect the ability to repair it. As windshield glass ages, older glass types often start to become brittle and more likely to break. If the glass is extremely old, it is safer to remove it entirely and install a new, modern windshield replacement glass.

The new glass will last longer, be more durable, and be safer for anyone in the car if an accident occurs or some road debris were to impact the glass. 


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