• What Do You Need To Know About Your Car's Control Arm Bushings?

    Your car's suspension and steering systems contain many relatively small parts that can greatly impact your car's performance on the road. Many of these components slowly wear out over time, making it easy to miss the signs of trouble. Since your car's performance only degrades slowly, many drivers tend to adjust to the changes without realizing how far it's fallen from its original factory performance. Control arm bushings are a common culprit for this sort of long-term degradation.
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  • How To Tell If The Windshield In Your Car Can Be Fixed Or Not

    Windshield repair is becoming more common and can save you significantly over replacing the glass. There are some limitations with windshield repair, but if the entire glass is not broken, there is a chance that a repair service may be able to help. Damage Location One of the determining factors for windshield repair is the chip's location or damage on the glass. Anytime the damage is around the edge of the glass, there is an effect on the windshield's structural integrity, so the damage can not be safely fixed.
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