Time For A Road Trip: 4 Maintenance Tips To Take Before You Head Out

Posted on: 24 March 2017

Summer will be here soon. It's time to start planning for your vacation destinations. If a road trip is in your future, you've got your work cut out for you. Road trips require a lot of careful preparation. There's the packing to take care of, and the itinerary to plan. There's also the car to get ready. If you haven't added vehicle maintenance to your to-do list for your summer road trip, you need to do that now. The last thing you want is to have vehicle problems interfere with your summer fun. Here are four maintenance tips you should take care of before you head off on your family vacation.

Get an Oil Change

If you're going to be taking your car on a road trip this summer, an oil change should be the first order of business. This is particularly true if it's approaching the time for your regularly-scheduled oil change. Beginning your journey with fresh oil in the car will help protect your engine against heat damage. It will also prevent oil burn during extended operation, which can occur during long road trips.

Check the Hoses

There are a lot of hoses under the hood of your car, and all of them perform vital roles. Before you head out on your vacation this summer, make sure all your hoses are in good condition. Heat can damage your hoses, especially if they're already worn-out from age or excessive use. Look for signs of cracks, or leaks in all your hoses, but pay close attention to your radiator hoses. If you see signs of damage, be sure to have your hoses replaced before your leave for your road trip.

Give Your Tires the Once-Over

Your tires are going to take a beating while you're on your road trip. Make sure they're prepared for the work by giving them a once-over before you leave. Look for areas where the tread may be thinning, and check the side walls for signs of cracking, or weather-damage. For maximum protection, have your tires inspected before you take off. If they're nearing the end of their performance life, have them replaced before you leave on vacation.

Top Off the Coolant

If you're going to be running your air conditioner a lot during your road trip, or the temperatures reach extreme levels during the summer, be sure to top off your coolant before you leave. If it's been a while since you had your radiator flushed – or you've never had that done – it's a good idea to schedule a flush before summer gets here.

It's time to plan your summer fun. If a road trip is in your vacation plans, use the tips provided here to get your car ready. 


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